What Experts Have to Say About Benefits of Anal Bleaching

anal bleaching

Anal bleaching has found its way into the mainstream. Boyfriends have had to deal with increased cases of their girlfriends wanting to have their butts bleached. Of course, it is something that must be addressed. Luckily, experts have had their voice on the same subject. So, let us look at what experts have to say about benefits of anal bleaching.

Expert opinion on anal bleaching

bleached buttsIt is being said that anal bleaching has sexual benefits. Here is the logic; with a light butt, you expect things to get rosy in bed. This could increase the action and the frequency of having sex. This is physical perception which has nothing much to do with sexual arousal. Of course, someone would be attracted to a browner butt.

Bleached anus increases self-esteem. There are those who feel that they cannot be confident if their butt is dark. Well, that would be true. Anal bleaching would actually make a woman more confident.

About the safety of anal bleaching, experts praise technology and the much it has done in making sure the process does not pose great health risks. There are minimal risks with modern anal bleaching. This could be the reason why the practice is spreading into the mainstream, and now everyone wants a piece of it.

It is all an illusion

Dark skin or not, experts say that sex has nothing to do with that. The origin of bum bleaching is an interesting one. It was done by porn stars to keep them attractive to the players. It was all about being attractive and had nothing to do with bedroom performance. Therefore, the benefits of bleaching your bum will come down to what you want to achieve. If it is beauty you want, then you will have it. Let us not be carried away by the unproven benefits that many bleaching products would want you to believe. Sometimes it is just the buzz around the subject that make it appear beneficial.

You may have to rethink your decision

anal bleachingWhile experts accept that it is a personal preference to have anal bleaching or not, they still advise caution when making the decision. It is not all roses in the journey to bleach your behind quarters. There is the risk of getting an infection if good care is not followed. There is also a chance of not achieving all that you hoped for. You would have gone through all the trouble only for your boyfriend not to be impressed as you thought.

Our advice

If you decide to bleach your anus, make sure you are ready to deal with the results. This is not something you do just because your friend did it. Have a good reason why you are doing it. Above all, ensure that you use a safe method. You would not want to be nursing a wounded butt just because you were not careful with your choices. Objectively, experts have nothing against bleaching your anus; all they want you to know is that you should do it safely and for a good reason.



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