A Holistic Transformation Of Life Through the Body Camp


Most women aspire to look slim and beautiful. Beauty is regarded as an asset to women — an asset to take pride in, an asset to feel elated about. In the recent times, women are seen to suffer from obesity as a result of excessive fast food consumption along with an indolent work schedule. To reduce weight, women prefer to join gyms under gym instructors. The problem with a gym is that the atmosphere is drab and monotonous. The fitness regime in a gym involves working out on expensive, mechanical equipment. This makes the entire process uninteresting. Women more often lose out on their initial enthusiasm and start avoiding gym classes. The alternative method that these women have discovered to achieve similar results as in a gym is to join fitness boot camps. The exercise regime is more intense and involves regular workouts such as running, jogging, push-ups and sit-ups. TheĀ retreat in Ibiza helps different individuals have a holistic transformation of their life. This does not include a spending a bundle. Boot camp workouts also make the whole exercise highly enjoyable and effective.

Boot camp


kjkjjkjkjkjjThe benefit of a boot camp lies in its methods. They are based on exercise science and physiology. These include specific cardiovascular training and specific weight training resistances. These weight loss exercises provide structure and consistency, thereby helping in shaping the body. Consistency and motivation are the two most important factors responsible for losing weight. The exercises are built in such a way so that the participants do not lose their consistency. Help is also provided by the instructors that keep them motivated.


Push-ups are one of the most significant exercises. They help in shaping up and strengthening the most important muscles. It also improves the balance of the body. It tones the body without the aid of any expensive equipment. It is perhaps the best exercise for the whole body including the cardiovascular training and muscle stretching. For increasing the strength of the legs, what is important is squatting. Squatting makes use of all the muscles of the body; thereby provide g a work-out session for the entire body. The burning up of calories helps in the toning up of the thighs, which in turn results in increasing the flexibility of the lower part of the body. Squatting also enhances the power of the heart and aids in strengthening the knees.


Jumping rope is another fun-filled, enjoyable boot camp exercise that can be done in any place.It is beneficial for the entire body. The practice of this exercise makes the muscles lean, not only in the upper part of the body but also in the lower part of the body as well. This is one of the mot effective exercises for toning the body. This exercise entails a combination of different muscle activities, thereby making the person stronger and swifter. Jumping rope also optimizes cardiovascular condition of the body. High knee drill one of the easiest boot camp works out exercises. This is performed as a warm-up exercise before the actual intense exercises take place. This is an exercise of the knee and is also effective in the reduction of tension in the areas of the hips, the lower back body and the shoulders. This is on of the simplest form of exercise that makes the body keep fit, healthy and strong.

Performed at home

mmbbxxzzwwqThese simple boot camp exercises can all be easily performed at home. Women can easily learn them and start their work out session without the use of any trainer. The only factor that she should remember is her consistency in motivation. No exercise will show any result unless it is pursued with an equal amount of enthusiasm for a long span of time.

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