How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones 01

Kidney stones are small but hard metal crystals that form inside the kidneys when there is a high concentration of certain chemicals in the urine that crystallize into stones. Kidney stones may pass unnoticed with no pain or symptoms at first but may form into bigger stones that result in severe pain and complications. Even though there are many remedies to kidney stones and how to avoid them, some of the most effective ways to prevent kidney stones include;
Drinking Lots of WaterKidney Stones 03

Drinking lots of water will dilute the concentrated chemicals that may crystallize to form kidney stones. It is advisable to take up to 2 liters of water daily so as to flush any excess chemicals in the kidney and prevent the formation of the stones. Additionally, you can include natural lemon and juice drinks as they will prevent the chemical process of forming kidney stones.
Limit Intake of Animal Proteins

Eating too much protein like red meat, eggs and seafood have been known to increase the levels of uric acid that can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Additionally, excess animal protein has been known to reduce citrate levels in urine that in turn may lead to kidney stones as citrate helps prevent the stone forming process.
Reduce Sodium Intake and Stone Forming Foods

High intake of sodium especially salt can trigger the formation of kidney stones as they increase the amount of calcium concentration in the urine. Additionally, it is advisable to reduce intake of foods rich in oxalates like nuts and tea as oxalates are a major cause of kidney stones.
Kidney Stones 02Take Foods Rich in Calcium While Reducing Dependency on Supplements

In the past, people at risk of having kidney stones were encouraged to avoid taking foods rich in calcium as calcium is a major component in the formation of kidney stones. However, scientific studies have revealed that taking foods rich in calcium will block the chemical action that leads to the formation of kidney stones by binding oxalates from foods in the intestines and thus preventing them from being absorbed in the blood and later transferred to the kidneys. On the other hand dependency on calcium supplements has been known to increase the risk of kidney stones.

The above solutions will go a long way in preventing you from getting kidney stones. However, it is advisable first to consult a reputable and professional diet expert who may develop a custom diet plan for you that will provide you with a healthy way to avoid getting kidney stones

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