Is using an electronic cigarette safer than smoking a cigarette?


As you can see from the huge number of individuals who are now vaping, E cigarettes have, indeed, become very popular. Many people are looking into this type of device as an answer to the battle against tobacco products, which we all know are dangerous to our health. Although vaping still involves nicotine, it doesn’t have that much of harmful chemicals nor the carcinogens that are found in real tobacco. For this reason, a lot of heavy smokers have started using e-cigarettes with the aim that they will be able to cut back on nicotine too.


Electronic cigarettes


hgahgashgssElectronic cigarettes are devices that resemble a real cigarette. It involves the same action that you do when you are actually smoking. It allows you to take a drag, it produces ‘smoke’ ( actually a vapor), and the tip lights up. All of which are the same thing when you are smoking a cigarette. The difference is, vaping is much safer than an actual tobacco product.


An e-cigarette is battery-powered, and it converts the e-juice, which contains nicotine, into vapor. And this is what you inhale as you take a hit. The vaping juices are available in different flavors that most users really enjoy. Additionally, the e-liquids have various nicotine concentration. Therefore, you can control how much nicotine you will be taking in. You can either use the full strength, medium, or minimum. There are also e-juices that do not contain nicotine. And this is what makes an e-cigarette an effective tool in getting rid of nicotine after a while.


The advantages of using electronic cigarettes


When compared to smoking, vaping is much safer. As what was mentioned earlier, you will be safe from the carcinogens that are present in tobacco products. You won’t have to worry about the irritating odor too that is produced once the tobacco is lit up and it slowly burns. This smell can stick to your hair, clothes, mouth, breath, and face. If you smoke indoor, the odor will stay on your walls, curtains, sheets, and everything that is within the area. You can avoid all of these when you are using an electronic cigarette.




hgashgashgsaSmoking is hazardous and switching to vaping is the first step that you can make to finally quit the habit. Although the use of an electronic cigarette is safer than smoking a cigarette, there is no better way to stay healthy than to completely stay away from nicotine.

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