All you need to know about body sculpting


Body contouring or sculpting is a procedure meant to enhance one’s body shape. Body contouring involves either surgical or a non-surgical procedure. The approached used is always informed by the attributes and needs of the patient.aqsaSdQAWS

Who needs body contouring?

To qualify for a body contouring procedure, one must meet the following requirements. To start with, one must be a healthy and active. Secondly, one should not be a non- smoker. More to this, the medical condition of the candidate should not be at risk after the surgical procedure. Most importantly, you should be free from conditions that would deter fast healing after the procedure.

Why you need a body contouring procedure?

Three main reasons trigger people to have this procedure. One, many mothers lose their pre-childbearing shape after delivery. Two, after weight loss, many people end up having a sagging skin. Thirdly, as people grow, they tend to lose their body shape. These are just some of the main reason why most people see the need tp go for body sculpting.

Body sculpturing procedures

There are many body sculpturing procedures. The latter, are ideally termed depending on the targeted body part. Some of the common areas addressed by this procedure include upper arms, breasts, abdomen, waistline, face, neck, and calves. Below are some common sculpturing procedures.


This procedure is common to women and in people with a pronounced mid-section. This procedure removes excess fat, skin or both around the tummy. The result of this process is tight muscles a flat belly and a well-defined waistline.

Neck lift

Excess fat around the neck is not desirable. This is attributed the fact that having fat around these areas tends to disfigure both the neck and face. This condition can be rectified with a neck lift. With a neck lift procedure, the excess fat or skin around this region are removed, and the muscles tightened.

AaZDsDaqSBody lift

This body sculpting procedure is a combination of other methods each targeting a different body part. This method is ideal for individuals who have lost significant weight. For instance, one can have a thigh lift, a breast lift, an arm lift among others. Like with other body contouring processes, excess fat or skin is removed, and the areas being targeted are reshaped and tightened.

Other types of body sculpturing procedure include buttock enhancement, breast lift, thigh lift, calf augmentation, arm lift among many others.

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