Advance Aid is grateful to the assistance that it has been given by a number of organisations.

The following have made grants to Advance Aid or offered gifts-in-kind:
Anglo American Group Foundation ( ) – grant
Dorothy-Ann Foundation – grant
Maersk Line ( ) – donation of 300 forty-foot containers
SNR Denton ( ) – legal services
Agility ( ) – storage and warehouse services
icreate4 ( ) – advertising and marketing services
Aid & International Development Forum ( ) – conference/exhibition
John Good ( ) – advertising space
Centaur Media ( ) – office space

Advance Aid is also delighted to be partnering with other organisations to help it to deliver its mission:

International Procurement Agency BV
( ) – procurement

We are also interested in creating partnerships with:
- Major African, European and North American corporation willing to provide money and skills to enable smaller African companies to help themselves and improve their skills;
- African suppliers to create a framework for delivery of emergency goods;
- Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to enable the rapid and co-ordinated deployment of aid and overcome this complex market’s current procurement difficulties.

Why not have a look at our ecommerce site, Let the Light In, where you can purchase solar powered torches or lamps – one for yourself and one that will be donated to an African family that needs it.

Contact us to find out more about becoming a partner, or to make a donation.