Top 6 Common Cold Remedies

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Recent statistics by some premier health organisations reveal that each of us will at least catch one common cold a year, with the average rate being estimated at 2-4 colds per annum. Sneezing, blowing, coughing, sore throat, headache, tearing and sniffing are all common symptoms of common cold, which medical experts claim is caused by a virus infection of the nose and throat. Luckily, there exists a range of common cold remedies you can use to relieve yourself of this condition.


1. Vitamin C and Fluids
Vitamin C, aside from reducing the length of a cold, enhances the body’s ability to overcome diseases by boosting its immune system. It’s been Common Cold 02recommended that you consume it several times during working hours. However, be sure not to go beyond your tolerance level in order to avoid side effects.


Also, drinking plenty of juice, water and broth not only assists the keep body to stay hydrated, but also to loosen congestion as well. Nevertheless, ensure you stay away from such drinks as coffee, alcohol and other caffeinated drinks.


2. Echinacea
Echinacea is a popular herb that was first used by American Indians to treat coughs. Stems, flowers and leaves are the commonly used parts although it can still be administered in other forms such as pills. The plant’s active ingredients actually reduce the severity of cold symptoms. Herbalist insists that you take Echinacea every 2-3 hours with a total of 3 or more grams a day.


3. Honey
Honey has for a long time been used as a reliable cold remedy. It assists in calming down coughing particularly in children. Also, it features antioxidants and antibacterial properties and will naturally form a coating in the throat which soothes irritation.


4. Garlic
Some studies have revealed that individuals who regularly consume garlic reduce the incidence of colds by up to 50%, in addition to also significantly reducing the duration of cold. Consuming garlic has been proven to be a preventive measure for catching a cold. Allicin, which is among the key elements found in garlic, largely assists in fighting cold. The same element has also been found to be a natural antibacterial. It’s important to note that in order to increase the effects of garlic, you must chop or crush it.


Common Cold 015. Zinc
If taken within 24 hours, and in the form of lozenges, this particular remedy can significantly reduce the duration of a cold. Experts recommend that one takes one lozenge every 3-4 hours, with a maximum of 6 lozenges a day. However, avoid those zinc lozenges that feature flavouring compounds such as tartaric acid, citric acid and others.


6. Ginger
In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger was commonly used to treat colds. Today, if you mix hot ginger with lemon and honey, it will greatly assist you get rid of coughing and bring down your body temperature. In addition to that, it stimulates perspiration, a process that eventually cleanses the system.
Common cold infections are quite prevalent today, and few people are known to break out the infection each year. And since no one really knows when he/she will catch any of the infections, taking note of these common cold remedies will, to a large extent, protect you from them and also assist you to get rid of them if infected.

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