Understanding Neuropathy Symptoms and Causes


When it comes to health, one can never be too careful these days. Our extravagant lifestyles and lesser to none physical activities often pave the way for diseases. The increasing and growing problem of diabetes are causing a lot of Peripheral disorders which is the damage of the nervous system. This becomes severe with passing time as the peripheral nervous system is the net of nerves that send out information from your essential nervous system (spinal cord and brain) to the entire body. There
are several Patients who are suffering this condition silently but the good news is that they can find better solutions. However, the start point to getting a good Neuropathy Center is by knowing the signs and symptoms of the condition.

Understanding neuropathy symptoms and causes

Neuropathy Symptoms:

The mild symptoms start with numbness or tingling in a particular bodydfssdfsdfsdfsdf part to severe effects like muscle weakness or burning pain. The signs and effect are different on different body parts and are also dependent on the type of neuropathy.

Symptoms of Motor neuropathy include loss of muscle mass, muscle weakness, muscle twitching and Cramps

Symptoms of Sensory neuropathy include numbness, constipation, diarrhea and other infections in the digestive tract. In other cases they include loss of bladder control, loss of balance, dizziness, tidiness, sleep disruptions, and Pain that can be burning sensation and aching.

Dealing with the symptoms

Knowing the signs and symptoms will make you capable of knowing the disease and then you can better search for a good neuropathy center. The center must have the facilities of all the testing and diagnosis parameters. Neuropathy needs magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) and many others to identify the particularly affected part of the body.

Causes of Neuropathy

dfsdfsdfsfsdfThe most severe cause of neuropathy is diabetes which can be better handled by going to a reputable doctor with knowledge and all facilities to treat the condition. The doctor must also know how to tackle the high and low blood sugar levels as both causes harm to the body.

A good neuropathy center will facilitate you and arrange for workshops for you to know how to manage your blood sugar levels that can eventually cause life-threatening disease like heart strokes, liver and kidney problems. All these problems are major contributors to neuropathy.


Don’t take the disease lightly, look for the symptoms and take care of your body health. A good neuropathy center will educate you to tackle your problem in an easy and pleasant way.

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